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hi friend - so nice to meet you

You’ve got hustle & heart

You just need someone to come alongside you and share your genius with the world. Someone who not only understands marketing but who gets your situation. That’s where I come in.

As service provider solopreneurs, we want a lifestyle of freedom and flexibility while using our gifts to help others. Some of us left 9-5 jobs in order to pursue our passion. Many of us want to spend more time with family. As a new mom, I see the value of working from home now more than ever.

After working in marketing agencies for over a decade, I decided to follow my dreams and start my own business. But it wasn't easy..

I had built up skills as a graphic and web designer but making the transition to being my own boss was so different. I had a chronic case of shiny object syndrome and second-guessing — my head was spinning in a hundred different directions in my marketing. I found myself working as many hours as my traditional job and making less income. 

I decided to take a leap and invest in my business with education that didn’t come from a freebie. After several “aha!” moments, I was able to put together a clear strategy for my business and narrow down my long list of marketing to-do's down to the ones that would produce real results for me as a service provider. 

I understand the challenges of being a solopreneur and I discovered how to solve them

My background in marketing and degree in graphic arts is only a small part of what I do today. As a solopreneur, I’ve had the opportunity to help 30+ small businesses thrive online and share their genius with the world. 

I have a heart for helping other service providers to have true freedom in their lives and that passion shows up in everything I do

That’s why I’m equipping service providers like you with the exact marketing tools and methods you need and guiding you every step of the way. You can think of me as your Savvy Solopreneur Sister.

My goal is to help your business flourish and your success is my inspiration

I know how to seamlessly blend your vision and story with ethical strategy and artistic styling. I create meaningful digital experiences that resonate with your audience.

even before your first call

your ideal clients will be excited to work with you..

fun facts

I live in a small coastal city in Florida

I can be found taking walks with my hubby & baby

My ideal vacay includes a scenic hike in the mountains
My fave shows are a blend of reality TV & period dramas

Wifey & Mama
Poetry Aficionado
Notebook Doodler
Recipe Improviser

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I’m Certified by Funnel Gorgeous & Digital Marketer

Search Marketing specialist 
Content Writing specialist


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